STM32F103RCT6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Learning Evaluation Development Board Module

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Hardware Features:

  • STM32F103RCT6, TQFP64, FLASH: 256K, RAM: 48K
  • Standard JTAG / SWD download port
  • Power Indicator
  • Two Status LED lights
  • SPI FLASH chip, W25X16, capacity of 2M bytes
  • OLED screen module interface
  • MiniUSB interface, power supply to the system, aside from USB communication function
  • A startup mode configuration interfaces
  • A 32.768 crystal available built-in RTC use, or used to calibrate
  • 2.4G wireless communication module ( NRF24L01 ) Interface
  • A reset key button can be used to reset the MCU and OLED
  • Three function keys buttons, which WK_UP both wake-up function
  • 8M Crystal (through the chip internal PLL up to 72M )
  • LM1117-3.3V regulator chip provides a maximum 800mA current
  • Port expansion pin 13×2 Rails +2 Road
  • Reserved for serial download interface, easy and 5V development board connected to the serial port can be used to download program
  • 4 positioning holes of 3.5mm
  • Size: 56 x 62 mm approx

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