Mifare RC522 RFID Card Reader Module with RF Antenna


This card reader module based on the NXP MFRC522 or Fudan Semiconductor FM17522 chip design circuit, is easy to use and low cost. This module can be directly loaded into the various reader molds. Through the SPI interface it can be connected directly using few lines with any user CPU motherboard, microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 805X series, PIC series etc.

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NXP MFRC522/FM17522 is a highly integrated contactless reader operating at 13.56MHz chip next support in line with ISO / IEC 14443 non-contact reader mode Type A protocol. While providing a low-power external card detection function to facilitate battery-powered, requiring low-power operation and require real-time processing of any time will enter the RF field external card reader device. NXP MFRC522/FM17522 a low voltage, low power consumption, driving ability, multi-interface support and other features.


  • Supports ISO / IEC 14443 TypeA reader mode
  • M1 reader mode support encryption
  • Interrupt output mode can be equipped with flexible
  • Multiple low-power modes
    • Soft powerdown mode
    • Hard powerdown mode
    • Deep powerdown mode (typ 1uA)



  • Voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Operating current: 13mA—26mA/DC 3.3V
  • Idle current: 10-13mA/ DC 3.3V
  • Sleep current: <80uA
  • Peak current: <30mA
  • ISO14443 TYPEA supports communication speed 106kbps, 212kbps, 424kbps, 848kbps
  • Reader operating distance of up to 50mm (depending on the antenna design)
  • support for multiple host interfaces
    • SPI Interface highest 10Mbps
    • I2C interface supports fast mode of up to 400Kbps, and up to 3.4Mbps high-speed mode
    • Serial UART interface supports RS232 frame format, the maximum communication speed 1.2Mbps
    • Host Interface independent power supply
  • 64Byte FIFO receive buffer
  • Support low-power external card detection
  • Programmable timer
  • Built 27.12MHz crystal oscillator circuit External
  • Built CRC coprocessor
  • Programmable I/O pins
  • Physical features: size: 40mm×60mm
  • Ambient operating temperature: – 20°C to 80°C
  • Ambient storage temperature: – 40°C to 85°C
  • Ambient relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Operating frequency: 13.56MHz



  • Smart Card System
  • Access Control System
  • Attendance Recorder


Package Contains:

  • 1 X RFID RC522 Module
  • 1 X RFID Key Chain
  • 1 X RFID Card

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