DS1307 RTC Real Time Clock Shield Digital Tube Module Thermal TM1636

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  • 7-Segment Display 4-Digit (TM1636 Driver IC)
  • DS1307 Real time clock inside
  • 5V DC buzzer: Alarm clock in geek style
  • Photoresistor: Induction of ambient light intensity
  • Thermistor: detect ambient temperature
  • 4 LEDs in blue, green, red and red
  • Battery Holder: provides power to RTC IC when external power is off
  • 3 temporary buttons
  • Arduino compatible
  • All-in-one platform for beginners

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Clock Shield is a perfect start for beginners of Arduino world. Contains most common resources for a basic electronic project, like buttons, sensors, buzzer and display. After you’re done with the soldering task, it turns out to be a geek style alarm clock which can auto adjust the brightness of display and keep in synch with real world time.


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