Bump Sensor / Limit Switch with Roller Head

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This switch has a great ‘clicky’ sound to it with a nice tactile feel and is perfect when used for a slider, 3D printer, or robot project. Each limit switch is rated for 5A at 250VAC.

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When something presses the lever the left (COM) pin and center (NO) become connected internally. When nothing is pressing on the switch, the left (COM) pin and right (NC) are connected. This is a great way to add a switch that connects power to 1 thing or the other depending on whether the lever is pressed or not. Roller ball at the end of the lever so it can rub against surfaces without getting stuck.


  • SPDT Micro Limit Switch
  • Max Voltage: 250VAC
  • Max Current: 5A



  • When the lever is pressed: COM is connected to NO
  • When the lever is not pressed: COM is connected to NC



  • Robot Project.
  • 3D printer
  • Used for interrupting current when doors are opened or closed.
  • Used for Microwave Micro Door/Oven/Refrigerator Interlock N/O / N/C Switch etc.


Package Contains:

  • 1 X Bump Sensor / Limit Switch with Roller Head

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