2.4GHz nRF24LE1 (NRF24L01 + MCU) Wireless Transceiver Module


Maximum operating speeds up to 2Mbps, GFSK modulation efficiency, Anti-interference ability, particularly suitable for industrial control applications.Multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs.

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The newest ultra-low power 2.4GHz transceiver from Nordic Semiconductors. The nRF24LE1 is based on the industry leading nRF24L01+ transceiver core, an enhanced 8051 microcontroller, flash memory and a wide range of analog and digital peripherals. It provides a single chip solution for any wireless application.


  • Embedded low-power wireless transceiver core 2.4Ghz nRF24L01P, 250 kbps, 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps air rate
  • High-performance 51-core (12 times the industry standard 51 speed), 16 kbytes Flash, 1 KB data RAM, 1 KB NV data RAM
  • Has a wealth of peripheral resources, built-in 128 bit AES hardware encryption, 32-bit hardware multiplication and division co-processor, 6-12 bit ADC, two PWM, I2C, UART, hardware random number generator device, WDT, RTC, analog comparator
  • Provide QFN24, QFN32, QFN48 various packages to provide flexible application options



  • nRF24LE1 transceiver IC
  • Data rate up to 2Mbps
  • Fast microcontroller
  • 0-3.6V Power Input
  • Low Supply Current
  • 5V tolerant I/O
  • P0, P1 are brought out
  • 2.0 mm straight header



  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Wireless joystick, Toys
  • RFID
  • Wireless remote control monitoring of medical parameters
  • Wireless voice, industrial control and wireless data acquisition


Package Contains:

  • 1 X 2.4GHz nRF24LE1 (NRF24L01 + MCU) Wireless Transceiver Module

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